Express Burn Disc Burning Software

NCH Software (Proprietary)

Express Burn Disc Burning Software is multimedia-burning software developed by NCH Software. Express Burn allows its user to burn media files to CD-R/RW, DVD +/-R/RW and Blu-ray discs.
Express Burn Disc Burning Software supports MP3 CD burning and audio CD from different audio file formats like wav, mp3, wma, and aac. It features seamless audio burning for no-pause listening, and multi-session burning allowing the users to add more music tracks in a subsequent session. This software also offers audio volume normalization.

Express Burn Disc Burning Software also supports burning of video file formats like avi, mpg, vob, and mp4. It also features DVD authoring where video files are re-encoded into a standard DVD video disc in either PAL or NTSC format. Express Burn also allows users to create backup discs as image files in various file formats like ISO/Joliet, UDF, and Hybrid. Express Burn also has an ISO burner to record ISO image files to disc. This program also supports command line operation for program automation and integration.

Express Burn Disc Burning Software main interface is of a simple straightforward design showing the different types of disc media at the top alongside the button for New Disk and Add File. Users also have an option to play the file first before burning using the Play and Stop button at the bottom. The Express Burn interface also provides for the estimated Total Time and a big Burn button at the bottom right portion for easy burning.