Express Accounts 4.66

NCH Software (Shareware)

Express Accounts is a business accounting software developed by NCH Software and released on December 2012. It is designed to especially handle accounting processes for small businesses and startup ones that do not have more than 5 employees. It provides users a way to document their finances by reporting cash inflow and outflow. This includes documenting receipts, receivables, payments, and sales. Financial reports generated by the program may be readily emailed or faxed to the company accountant for quicker consolidation.

Express Accounts provides bookkeeping functionality. It can track Sales and Accounts Receivables and features automatic recording of recurring invoices and orders. It can be used to track paid invoices, as well as receivables. Users can also use this program to generate sales quotes, orders, and invoices. Express Accounts also generates several financial reports using custom templates available. Users may also generate an Income Statement and a Balance sheet to analyze the financial situation of a business. This also enables the user to prepare the business income tax returns. This program also enables users to manage their accounts payable and pay bills. Users may also generate purchase orders, as well as create and print company checks.  Users can also keep track of their product inventory. This program may be used on different types of businesses. This program supports both service-based businesses and product-based businesses.