ExplorerXP Application 1.07

ExplorerXP (Freeware)

ExplorerXP is an efficient and compact file managing utility for Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. It is similar to Windows Explorer in looks and function, although it displays the size of every folder and permits the browsing of a number of folders simultaneously via an interface of tabs. Moving files is accomplished by a drag-and-drop method. Aside from moving files, the user can also copy, edit, delete, view, and rename folders and files. It also has tools to split and merge files, in addition to advanced moving and copying features.

Explorer XP has sophisticated features like renaming multiple files with a single step. It also shows the user the actual size of files and folders if these are compressed. The Group and Clean features allow quick access and dragging and dropping of a collection of folders and the removal of files that have certain extensions as determined by the user, respectively. This file manager also allows the management of files and the modification of these when said files are located in USB devices. Keyboard shortcuts can be configured for ease of use as well. Explorer XP has a small file size for speedy transfer and convenient storage, and supports Unicode.