Explorer Toolbar Editor (Freeware)

Explorer Toolbar Editor is a folder editor developed by Upon visiting the developer’s site, it has another page,, where users can download the English version of this program. This application allows users to fully customize Windows Explorer according to their preferences by adding or removing buttons according to folder type. It promotes convenience as needed operations within the folder like copying, deleting, cutting and many more are readily accessible through buttons configured with the help of the program.

Aside from usual folder commands, this program also supports other operations to use according to the available drive or media. For instance, it has set buttons for burning files, email option, details pane, and others. It makes the entire folder interface more beneficial for users and time-saving. Adding and removing buttons promote convenience, but the program makes the entire interface more suitable for specific users. Buttons can be rearranged according to what users require, ensuring buttons are on their preferred locations.

In case users made a mistake in configuring the Windows Explorer’s button, this program allows users to start from scratch by restoring the default button set. This is also a good feature for users wishing to reset buttons after using their configurations for some time. Explorer Toolbar Editor also highlights its compact build, which gives way to fast operations. It does not consume as much resources unlike other editors or programs.