EXPERTool 8.9

Gainward Co. Ltd. (Freeware)

EXPERTool is a system utility tool that can configure graphics video cards such as nVIDIA GPUs. The program provides a way to enhance the performance of the computer. This is done by polishing the computer's GPU to make it faster. It also makes the GPU allocate resources to applications that are always used. It can also retrieve the computer's hardware data. Among the data gathered are the computer's BIOS, memory, and properties .

When installing EXPERTool, the program stays on the system tray as an icon. Clicking it enables the user to choose some commands. For example, choosing the "desktop" icon allows configuration of the screen settings. Among the screen settings that can be modified are the screen's resolution, color, font size, and refresh rate. Changing the screen's resolution makes the desktop appear larger or smaller, depending on what resolution the user has chosen. Changing the font allows the computer to display more words or characters depending on the user's preference.

EXPERTool offers a direct way to interact with the computer's properties through some of its programs:

• Display Properties - Clicking on this opens the Windows properties without having to go to the Start Menu.
• DirectX Information - This opens the computer's diagnostic tool for DirectX.
• Close - Selecting this makes the user exit the program