ExpertGPS 4.92

TopoGrafix (Shareware)

ExpertGPS is a mapping program that is best used for planning different journeys from start to finish as users have access to waypoint and track log functions that can be used with any handheld GPS receiver. The program makes planning routes easy through the use of regularly updated topographic maps together with active aerial photographs that can be searched, scanned, and sent to any GPS receiver. Aside from planning new routes past routes can also be stored for future referencing.

When it comes to the ExpertGPS which was developed by TopoGrafix, users also gain access to marking features that will allow for easy identification of all important or essential locations within a particular route. This can be programmed via manual coordinate inputting or by clicking on the available GPS map. These waypoints can be edited as necessary and more than one waypoint can be applied to a particular route. For those who are not completely aware of the specific coordinates or location of a desired waypoint, these can be searched for as well as the ExpertGPS allows for easy data import in this manner too. All of the imported data can be saved in a format that can be viewed on any GPS device even in the absence of a Web link.