eXPert PDF Batch Editor

Avanquest Software (Open Source)

Expert PDF Batch Editor by Avanquest is a comprehensive tool for creating, converting, and editing PDF documents. This print driver can also be used to ensure sharing of PDF files with others safely. Among its most prominent features is the Microsoft Office integration, which allows users to convert Microsoft Office documents done in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel into PDF files. This application also has the ability to recognize text from scanned images.

Expert PDF is also equipped with an archiving system that will preserve PDF data longer, thus making files sustainable for future use. This is made possible by the brand new PDF/A support. PDF/A is an alternative file option from the “Save As” command. Its main objective is to help preserve PDF documents longer by eliminating any content that is not guaranteed for long-term archiving. Contents of this type include hyperlinks, embedded files, and external fonts. This process of elimination will ensure that the document, especially those with critical information, will look exactly the same when opened in the future.

Digging deeper into its main functions, the Expert PDF Batch Editor has the following features:

• Encryption of document with password for protection
• Allowing users to attach a digital signature for the benefit of the document recipient
• Editing of text and images directly within the PDF file
• Inserting, deleting, rotating, and cropping PDF pages
• Automatic emailing of files as attachments