Expedition Trophy

Symphony Games (Proprietary)

Expedition Trophy is a car racing game based on a real world extreme racing game of the same name, annually held in Russia. The game is developed by Symphony Games. The game is composed of 60 special levels, grouped into six stages. Users get to choose one out of 10 different kinds of cars. Each car is a four-wheel drive, capable of withstanding different terrains. Game environment includes muddy terrains, ice blizzards, and trenches. Races take part during nighttime and daytime. The game also feature weather changes including snow, ice, and rainfall adding another level of difficulty to the game.
Players may also customize their cars to adapt to the race terrain. Car modifications available include tire options and brake bias, among others. The gameplay is single player mode only.

The Expedition Trophy extreme racing game is the longest winter motor rally in the world and the longest one executed in just one country. The racing track is 12,500 kilometers long, from Kola Bay, spanning Murmansk, and ending in Vladivostok’s Zolotoi Rog bay lighthouse. The route includes St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Khabarovsk, among others. The rally normally takes 13 days to finish. The winners get a prize of 10 kilograms of real gold. The Expedition Trophy rally first happened in 2005. It was made in commemoration of the Trans-Siberian highway which was completed in 2004.