EXP Exporter DS4

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

EXP Exporter DS4 is a plugin developed by DAZ 3D included in the Content Creator Toolkit. Content Creator Toolkit is a professional add-on in creating figures, 3D apparel, props, and others. The plugin together with Content Creator Toolkit can be purchased separately for DAZ Studio 4.6 and DAZ Studio. Artists utilizing DAZ Studio 4.X Pro Edition do not need to order this toolkit separately as it is already included in the software package.

EXP Exporter DS4 simplifies the process of visualization by exporting EXP product files directly. It saves time by eliminating the need for manual work before developers came up with this plugin. The plugin supports four types EXP files and produces excellent visualization through its interface.

Selecting multiple file types is possible according to the filename, type, and node. Once exported, users can start configuring necessary settings to come up with perfect visualizations. Artists can immediately use the saved visualizations for a project or store in computers for later use. Saving means exported and configured files will be reusable for future designing needs.

EXP Exporter DS4 comes with optional tasks, users can set up. It will embed deltas and generate INJ/REM files from the user and source library. Customizable settings allow artists to bring graphics come into life according to preferences. The plugin works together with other elements within the Content Creator Toolkit and other free elements engineered in DAZ 3D Studio Pro Edition.