Exorcist 2

Intenium GmbH (Shareware)

Exorcist 2 is a horror-themed hidden object game developed by the company, Intenium. The game’s plot revolves around the main character, a young exorcist named Jacob who finds himself in a small, old church led by Pastor Hoff. The priest claims that evil demons have taken over the church and possessed his young niece and the churchgoers. After exploring the town and speaking with a few unpossessed residents, Jacob suspects a run-down mansion to be involved in the mystery. He finds out soon after that the mansion belongs to Jacob’s former mentor and one of the best exorcists, Garret Ghostfighter.

The player assumes the role of Jacob, who continues the investigation by exploring the Ghostfighter manor. Each of the rooms contains an array of random objects, which the player must find within a given time limit. Various spooks like flying bats and squeaking rats show up occasionally to distract the player from finding the items. Every time an object is found, it instantly disappears from the list. The game also provides a hint system which the player can resort to in case s/he takes too long to find a certain object. Exorcist 2 also features mini-games, wherein players must drag-and-drop specific items into the appropriate slots.