ExMachina: Arcade

Targem Games (Shareware)

ExMachina: Arcade by Targem Games is a game that falls in the shooting games category and is the prequel to “Ex Machina.” This game offers players many exciting adventures and a few nasty surprises as well. Computer gamers who thrive on challenges will have to face the challenges that beset the world after hostiles caused a catastrophe of a global scale in ExMachina: Arcade.

This game features weapons such as anti-aircraft gunes, machine guns, and rocket flamethrowers. It is a fast-paced straight shooter game that features all sorts of modern weaponry that fans of the ExMachina game expects. New gamers do not need to know how to play the original. They can ease into this game without any difficulty. There are eight levels that the player must go through. There are jobs that need to be completed per level. The player gets a car with armor and weapons and additional firepower can be gained along the way. Players can advance by accomplishing set goals.

ExMachina: Arcade is said to be more lightweight than the original game, but no less challenging and exciting. It features beautiful scenery and advanced graphics. The soundtrack and sound effects are designed to add to the excitement of the game.