Bogdan Hrastnik (Freeware)

ExifToolGUI is a graphical user interface developed by Bogdan Hrastnik and released on March 2013. The program enables users to view the Exif data of image files stored in their computers. Exif stands for Exchangeable Image File format. Information contained in the Exif data includes the date and time when the image was taken, as well as the camera settings used to capture the image. These settings include shutter speed, aperture, metering mode, ISO, and focal length. The Exif data also contains a thumbnail version of the image and Copyright information. ExifToolGUI enables users to view all these information in a user-friendly customizable user interface. However, this software requires that ExifTool be installed in the system for it to work.

ExifToolGUI enables users to search and locate all the image files in the system. The interface shows the image file on the preview window, and the Exif data on the right panel. Users can perform Exif import and export functions. The program also allows users to modify or edit the information contained in the Exif, as well as delete all metadata information.

ExifToolGUI is a portable application. Users need not install it to be able to run it on their computers. The program can be launched from any storage media, be internal or external. This means that users can just save the executable file on their USB or flash disks and launch the program on any computer.