ExifEraser 1.0 (64-bit) (Freeware)

ExifErasier is a simple tool for removing the EXIF data on photos and images. EXIF or Exchangeable Image File Format is the information that dictates the settings of a camera when the picture was taken. It includes the exposure and aperture used, ISO, the camera model, and if flash was used. This program is capable of removing information without altering the image so the source file remains intact. This program is portable and does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work. It can also be saved in a USB thumb drive and used on other computers.

The application’s interface is simple and intuitive. Users can set a location on the computer and the program scans it for photos and images with EXIF information. Users can just click on the “Erase” button located at the bottom part of the window in order to completely remove all the EXIF files from images. The program also displays the program progress on the main window, such as the number of scanned files, number of cleaned EXIF information, number of files with no EXIF found, and the number of errors that occurred during the deletion process, if any.