kiwi.Software.NET (Shareware)

EXIFeditor, developed by Kiwi Software is a simple program created for the sole purpose of editing the EXIF data contained within digital photos and images. The program does not require installation into the computer system. Thus, it leaves the user’s registry clean and may be ported to and from different computer systems. The program’s interface is simple although it contains some features that may be hard for some users to find and make use of at first. It consists of one main small window with a variety of options on display.

The user simply imports JPEG files into the program and the editing process can begin. The program supports either the default “open file” dialog, or a drag-and-drop method. The program allows the currently opened image to be previewed. Queue creation is also supported by the program. The program allows changes performed by the user to be reversed using an easy to find undo button. The program also allows users to create backups of the images, adjust JPEG compression, modify the file date and also edit other key information stored in the EXIF data. The program is extremely light and uses little to no system resources and has the advantage of not needing to be installed into the user’s system.