eXeScope 6.50

Toshi (Shareware)

eXeScope is a portable tool that enables users to extract executable files and edit or rewrite these without affecting the files’ functionality. This application is primarily designed for programmers who would like to extract programs without compromising the program’s functions. With this utility, programmers do not have to rebuild applications and interfere with file libraries for program customization, avoiding problematic bugs that may cause crashes and function loss.

This application does not require installation, and as a portable utility it can be stored in removable devices such as USB thumbdrives. Aside from executable files with the EXE extension, this utility can also extract files in different formats, including but not limited to DLL, VBX, SCR, and OCX. Edited and rewritten output files are exported to resource files in RC format, and may be compiled using third-party applications to come up with the new executable file in the user’s preferred format.

eXeScope has a simple and easy-to-use interface. The functions are all organized into menus. Users simply have to add the executable file for editing and the application will automatically extract it and display its resources. Users can then click on each resource to modify it. The aspects that may be edited are strings, lines, submenus, fonts, and even dialogue arrangement.