Executar Communism Muscle Cars


Developed by an independent programmer in Brazil, the Executar Communism Muscle Cars is a three dimensional racing game that is played by users that have access to a line of digitally modified but classically designed soviet vehicles. This is a particular game that has been inspired by more mainstream options including GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and NFS (Need for Speed).

The objective of the game is simple and straightforward. Players select a particular vehicle to race in and equip them with the necessary add-ons, if points permit. Tracks are then selected and the races begin. Throughout the entire race, there are specific obstacles that players have to overcome. Depending on the setting, there may or may not be specific goals to accomplish. Apart from this, drivers also have to collect points in an assortment of ways. Aside from having the best time at the end of the race, power-ups should also be collected throughout these challenges.

The game is set to run on the year 2017. The backstory is that there is a financial crisis gripping the entire world. This global conundrum has led to the birth and victory of a communist regime headed by a central committee. This central committee is the brains behind the organized races, which make use of the classic soviet vehicles.