Excel Password Unlocker 5.0

Password Unlocker Studio (Freeware)

Excel Password Unlocker has one main purpose, and that is to recover a password that has been forgotten by an Excel user. An encrypted file that contains sensitive information is often given extra security by using the password protect function of Excel. However, in situations where the user has forgotten the password, there is a need to use programs such as Excel Password Unlocker for an effective retrieval.

The key features of Excel Password Unlocker are:
• Works with Windows Excel 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010
• Uses SSE state-of-the-art technology for fast and immediate recovery of lost/forgotten Excel password
• Employs an advanced search algorithm
• Does not incur data damage of any kind
• Accessible and easy to use; does not require advanced computer knowledge or encryption skill

Excel Password Unlocker employs thee strategies in Excel password recovery. The first is Brute Force Attack which uses all possible password combinations. The second form of “attack” is Brute Force Attack with Mask which specifies password characteristics (character set, length). The last is Dictionary Attack which attempts to recover the password by experimenting with combinations in the default of self-created dictionary.

Excel Password Unlocker provides solutions to another issue. If the user has also forgotten the files which are password protected, the search feature will locate the files easily. The user only needs to choose the scan mode.