ExamView 8.1

eInstruction Corp. (Shareware)

ExamView is an application that enables users to create, manage, and conduct exams for students. It comes with several tools for creating different kinds of tests including short answer, problem, multiple choice, true or false, completion, matching, and many others. Users of the application have complete access to different test topics on subjects such as social studies, science, mathematics, reading, and language arts.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Test Layout Templates – The program offers different test templates for various test types including NCLEX, GED, FCAT, GMAT, and many others. The templates can be changed, so users have control over the appearance and formatting of the test.
• Point System – ExamView also has a point system feature where the user can assign different point values to the questions. Points can be printed with the test paper as well.
• Test Generator – The built-in test generator can create an exam with different types of tests jumbled up or it can also create an exam wherein all the same test types are grouped together to make up different sections of the exam.

Exam View also allows users to create a report for students’ grades for the exam. The report displays different columns that can display names of students, their student IDs, grades, and test numbers.