ExamDiff Pro

PrestoSoft LLC (Shareware)

ExamDiff Pro is used for comparing files and directories. This management utility offers four comparison modes – text file comparison, directory comparison, binary file comparison, and three-way diff and merge. The program’s main interface features a two-pane window where users can immediately see the changes between the two files or directories. All the command buttons are located at the top portion of the main screen. The differences between the files are highlighted for easier management. The program supports highlighting of sentences, words, or even a character. Another feature of the application is immediate file editing. With this feature, the user can edit the document while it is open on the comparison pane.

ExamDiff Pro can be used by developers, writers, testers, and also everyday computer users. It is useful for editing documents, tracking changes between versions of a document, and proofreading. Other features of the application are listed below:

• Support for saving the differences in HTML format or UNIX DIFF file
• Support for the drag and drop function
• Automatic synchronization of directories
• Advanced ignore options for comments, white space, and capitalization
• Support for Unicode

Users can install plug-ins to the program to add functionality. Some of the plug-ins are HTML and XML formatting, Adobe PDF to Text Conversion, MS Excel to CSV Conversion, and many others.