Exact Audio Copy

Andre Wiethoff (Freeware)

Exact Audio Copy is a CD ripping application that was created in 1998. The program rips files from standard audio CDs into WAV files. Users can then convert WAV files into other formats, such as FLAC, WavPack, MP3, AAC, and more. One of the main features of Exact Audio Copy is its ability to detect errors and distortions while ripping from CDs. It can identify which parts of the track the distortion occurred so that it can easily be tracked or fixed by the user. Apart from copying audio files, the program also supports downloading of album information, such as album covers, artist name, track title, album title, and many more. For conversion of a large number of music files, batch compression and decompression is available.

Exact Audio Copy also acts as a simple WAV file editor. With the program, users can delete, normalize, trim, and make some changes to the WAV files extracted from CDs. Other actions are detection of pops, noise reduction, and fade in and fade out features.

Other features of Exact Audio Copy include the following:
Detection of pre-track gaps and silences
CD player functionality
Automatic detection of drive features
Catalog extraction function
Glitch removal after extraction