Ilium Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

eWallet is a simple application that allows users to store confidential information, such as bank details, credit card numbers, passwords, and others. This allows users to keep track of all their important data in just one location so that they can easily be accessed.. It makes use of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard encryption, which is approved by the US National Security Agency for Top Secret documents. This ensures that all data is kept safe.

Since eWallet provides storage, users can use more complicated passwords for their confidential information. This increases the security, as longer and more complicated passwords are more difficult to crack. The data can be accessed from a variety of mobile devices, as well as desktops and laptops. Data can be synchronized across mobile devices in case the user utilizes different mobile devices often. It also comes with a built-in password generator, which is designed to give strong passwords. Since the passwords are not coming from the user, it will be more random and will most likely not use personal information that is easily used by hackers. The wallet can be personalized with around 30 built-in templates, icons, and card backgrounds.