Evolve Client

Echobit LLC (Shareware)

Evolve Client by Echobit LLC is a comprehensive alternative to voice chat programs that is meant for the use of PC gamers. It is a multi-featured gaming client, which works efficiently and effectively. The application is a high quality all-in-one solution that has multiple features, designed to be useful to all kinds of PC gamers. It performs its work seamlessly no matter what game is being played.

Evolve offers all the essential features necessary for social gaming. The game status function shows the player’s status and displays the current game being played. The program also offers current notifications so that the gamer is kept abreast with who is signing on or signing off. When a gamer begins a new broadcast, an alert is sent out so that the gamer learns about it in real-time. There are also notifications that alert the gamer when an IM is received or sent. Gamers who do not want to be interrupted while playing have the option to turn the notifications off. Evolve Client by Echobit LLC has a simple and balanced user interface.

Another important feature of Evolve Client by Echobit LLC are the Groups or chatrooms, which serve as the hub—a place where gamers congregate and interact as a community. An advanced form of Groups is available as well for gamers that want to communicate via voice chat.