Sony Online Entertainment (Shareware)

EverQuest is a MMORPG released on March 1999 by Sony Online Entertainment. This is a fantasy game set in Norrath, a fantasy world composed of humans and all kinds of creatures ranging from elves to monsters. These game characters fight each other to gain experience points, master trades, and collect treasures.

EverQuest requires the player to select a game avatar out of 16 species of creatures in the game—elves, half-elves, gnomes, dwarves, ogres, and trolls. Other creatures include lizard-people, frog-people, cat-people, and dragon-people. The game also requires the player to select a companion for the character. There are fourteen classes to choose from—3 tank classes, 5 damage-dealing classes, caster classes, crowd-control classes, and priests or healers. Two game expansions provide two more classes—Beastlord and Berserker classes. The game also features several deities that influence armory selection, as well as weaponry. This allows characters that worship a particular deity to wear armor and weapons that are tied to such deity. The EverQuest game universe is divided into almost 400 zones. Zone geographical features include plains, deserts, and even oceans. Zones may even be hypothetical planes of existence including a Plane of Knowledge. Some zones may allow species to live harmoniously with each other while some only allow certain species. Planes also contain portals that enable players to move from one location to another.