Everio MediaBrowser HD Edition 1.01.032

Pixela Corporation (Bundled)

Everio MediaBrowser HD Edition is an application that assists a person in managing multimedia files on the computer. It can also be used to burn these files (movies, for example) into media discs such as a DVD. The software can edit and import a video taken with a camcorder to the PC. There are editing tools to make the videos more polished. This can remove undesired scenes in the final product – a movie. For playback convenience, there is also a function to create chapters.

Everio MediaBrowser HD Edition provides a visual view of the media files on the computer. There are numerous modes as to how the videos can be sorted and displayed. The first one is the "calendar view". In this mode, there is a calendar layout where the videos are displayed according to the date it was taken. The "list view" displays the videos in order. The "thumbnail view" displays a small representation of the videos. To play the videos, users simply double click on them. There is also a "preview" function if only a sneak peek of the video is desired.

Users can also export created movies to iTunes. These created movies can also be uploaded to YouTube. These two features can be administered right from the software.

Everio MediaBrowser HD Edition is sold with JVC Everio.