EVEREST Ultimate Edition 2.70.2200

Lavalys, Inc. (Shareware)

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is a benchmarking and system diagnostics program developed by Lavalys, Inc. It provides all the necessary information about your computer. EVEREST also monitors both the hardware and software of your computer. Data collected from this program can be used for comparison and analysis of a computer’s performance, which also helps prevent hardware problems, power issues, and overheating.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition provides users with information regarding the computer’s motherboard, BIOS and CPU. It also provides information regarding the video drivers, adapters, and monitor. Information about the computer’s optical disk drives and hard disks is also provided. This includes ASPI SCSI devices and IDE autodetection. Aside from hardware information, EVEREST Ultimate Edition also offers software information including networking, server & display, operating system and all installed software. The program also includes information about Windows security such as list of installed security patches and Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

As a diagnostic tool, EVEREST Ultimate Edition offers CPUID panel that provides a detailed overview on RAM, CPU, motherboard, and chipset. It can also provide sensor information for hardware monitoring. Information regarding GPU/CPU temperature, voltage monitoring and fan status are available. Other diagnostic tools include Sensor Icons, Memory Benchmarking, Disk Benchmark module, and CPU & FPU benchmarks.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition is no longer in development. The developers have discontinued the program and replaced it with AIDA64 Extreme Edition.