Everest Poker 15

Playtech Software Limited (gaming software); GigaMedia, Ltd. (Owner); Everest Gaming (Gibraltar) Ltd. (Operator) (Freeware)

Everest Poker is an online poker gaming site that lets players 18 years old and above match their poker skills with other gamers across the globe.  Aside from being an engaging game, poker is also a challenging pastime which taps on one’s ability for observation and strategy.

The game has several features that cater to everyone, from beginner to pro, which include:

• Poker School - This teaches the novice player the basics on how to play the Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker games as well as the rules to follow.  It also shows hand rankings to give players an idea on how good their cards are, and it offers tips and hints on developing one’s gaming and strategy skills.
• Tournaments - Everest Poker offers three types of tournaments, namely: the Daily Guaranteed Poker Tournament that they host every day of the week; the Step Tournament  wherein players choose the level they want to start in and move up a step at a time; and the Progressive Jackpot Tournament, which offers huge sums for consecutive wins.  They also have promotions and events.
• Player Options - Players are given many options to make their experience more enjoyable, including the ability to add notes about other players and to create a buddy list, game history, table options, live customer support, and more.      

Everest Poker accepts several modes for making deposits and transacting wagers.