EVEREST Home Edition

Lavalys, Inc. (Freeware)

EVEREST Home Edition is a benchmark, system diagnostics, and system information program developed by Lavalys, Inc. It is the successor of the AIDA21 benchmark tool. However, on December 1, 2005, development of this program has been discontinued. Support for this program was stopped in 2006.

EVEREST Home Edition allows users to collect different information about the computer system. It offers information about the CPU and motherboard including DMI enumeration, chipsets, SPD memory modules, AGP configuration information, and others. It can also collect data about the video adapter and monitor such as monitor serial number, DDC information, GPU details, and more. The program is also capable of collecting data about the computer’s storage devices (i.e. S.MA.R.T. health, IDE auto-detection, ASPI SCSI devices, etc…). Aside from this, the application can also display information about the operating system, networking, server & display, multimedia, input devices, network adapters, installed software, and misc hardware. The program offers a Report Wizard for generating reports regarding the computer. Generated reports can also be printed or emailed. It has a built-in email client that uses SMTP. Report formats supported by the program include MHTML, HTML, and plain text.

The program offers three benchmark tests that can test memory write, memory read, and cache subsystem. If it detects some issues, it prompts the user and provides recommendations on how to fix the problems.