EVEREST Corporate Edition

Lavalys, Inc. (Shareware)

EVEREST Corporate Edition is a network monitoring, network-auditing, and system change-tracking program developed by Lavalys, Inc. It is specifically developed for corporate enterprises to collect software and hardware assets information into CSV files or SQL database. This allows users to maintain a collection of assets information while tracking any hardware/software changes.

As a network-auditing program, EVEREST Corporate Edition provides a command-line interface that allows creating a customizable report. It can save reports to FTP, SQL, or file server. It features three ways of collecting information about software – built-in file scanner, installed programs list, and custom software pre-specified list. The program also features an Audit Manager for creating inventory statistics and audited components list, Database Manager for managing SQL database, and Change Manager for tracking hardware/software changes. The program offers diagnostics features as well. It features a CPUID Panel that provides an overview of the RAM, motherboard, CPU, and chipset. It also monitors hardware allowing users to collect sensor information such as CPU/GPU temperature, DRAM voltage monitoring, fan status, and more.

The program features a Report Wizard, which is used to generate report files of the computer. It supports different report formats including HTML, plain text, XML, MIF, and others. Reports can be emailed and printed as well. The program does not only collect hardware and software information. It also collects a list of firewall, anti-Trojan, and antispyware list as well as security information of the operating system.

Development of the program has been discontinued. It was replaced by the AIDA64 Business Edition software.