EventGhost 0.4.1.r1610

EventGhost Project (Open Source)

EventGhost is an automation tool for MS Windows.  In order to automate hardware, it utilizes input devices such as wireless remote control or infrared to trigger macros. These macros then control the computer and its attached software. As such, the user can revolutionize his home network with just a normal consumer remote. It makes use of plug-ins that are essential for mouse, system, and windows control. With these plug-ins, the user can emulate mouse movements and control sound cards, power management, and graphics. Finding windows, grabbing, resizing, and moving text, can also be done from a remote distance with various plug-ins. There are around 117 plug-ins that are compatible with EventGhost.

Upon execution, EventGhost will release a clean interface with a log panel and an event control panel. The first thing that has to be done is to add the plug-ins and then choose the actions that are supposed to be made. Once finished, it will launch an executable file. This output will serve as your macros.

EventGhost is a free open source software that was released with a General Public License. That being the case, the user can change the program code and release the revision to the market provided that it will be offered free of charge.