Event Planner Reminder Express

Glarysoft Ltd (Shareware)

Event Planner Reminder Express is a tool that assists users in organizing their events calendar. This program is intended for people who require a handy, compact, and efficient tool in managing their daily activities, avoiding conflicting schedules, and ensuring that time is well allocated. It also serves as a reminder of events and activities that might be neglected or forgotten.

The dominant feature of Event Planner Reminder Express is that it is a very lightweight. Aside from this, the following are a few other characteristics of the program:
• Easy-to-use interface and navigation
• Contains meeting notes
• Contains birthday notes
• Contains anniversary notes
• Additional features: Note and Memo

The creators of this utility intend for it to serve as a tool that helps in time management for everyday use such that tasks are accomplished smoothly and on time. This utility has a number of functionalities. Event Planner Reminder Express can be used to view events, add and schedule events, sort events, and change the status of events.

This application is particularly applicable to people who often forget important dates and occasions. Once downloaded and installed, this utility executes important reminders as soon as the sets of data are encoded. It is easy to use and do not require familiarity with computer programming.