EveningDew Bible System

EveningDew Software (Shareware)

EveningDew Bible System provides users with an electronic version of the Holy Bible. The content EveningDew Bible System is 100% faithful to the King James Bible Version, which has been compacted to a manageable file size. This handy utility is a convenient way of accessing passages from the Holy Book for a variety of purposes.

This ebook is the brainchild of EveningDew Software. The creators made the ebook with the intention to make the Bible available to those who prefer to bring it with them wherever they go. The ebook may be compact but both the Old Testament and New Testament are there.

EveningDew Bible System program has controls that can easily be learned, and there are new plugins that may be downloaded as well. There is also a revamped search system to facilitate the finding of specific books, gospels, and bible verses. EveningDew Bible System is a quick and very comprehensive version of the King James Bible and in no time the user will find himself or herself cruising through the intuitive controls while finding a psalm or verse that they want to read.

EveningDew Bible System has been updated to include references for additional helpful information as well as new bug fixes for a smoother bible browsing experience.