Contribtastic 2.1.2

StackFoundry LLC (Freeware) Contribtastic is an uploader tool developed by StackFoundry LLC. It easily integrates with EVE-Central, a website concentrating on market aggregation with continuous operation since 2005, which is also a solution offered by Contribtastic’s developer. Contribtastic serves as the website’s replacement for its earlier Market Uploader. Its main function is consistently monitoring a user’s EVE-Client cache directory. Once monitoring is completed, the program will collect the market information as indicated on the platform. This automated feature saves user time since they do not need to export the market details manually using the Export button. Imported data will be uploaded automatically to EVE-Central.

Developers ensure easy installation process by including Windows Installer as part of the program. It follows the same installation process just like other programs, making it less intimidating for first time users. The uploader is a lightweight program and will not interfere with other EVE-Central processes. Users can still access EVE-Central while Contribtastic runs in the background.

Considered as the replacement of the past uploader, Contribtastic possesses updated features and build that make it function as expected by users. In terms of technicality, the program is like a rewritten or reloaded version of the previous Uploader and served as a native application. Programmers may also regard it as readapted version of the wxPython uploader that enables libevecache feature. Contribtastic has a clean interface that makes operation easier for marketers.