EV Nova 1.1.1 (32-bit)

Ambrosia Software (Shareware)

EV Nova or Escape Velocity Nova is a video game set in space. It is the third installment in the Escape Velocity series of games. This installment is set in the Milky Way and other surrounding stations and planets. Players assume the role of a space pilot who must try to make money in the galaxy where there are plenty of opportunities. Some of the activities that can be done to earn include delivering goods to different locations, stealing money from other ships, or becoming a bounty hunter. Users can also choose to defeat an entire galaxy.

EV Nova has six factions namely Pirate, Vell-os, Polaris, Auroran, Rebellion, and Federation. Each of these factions has their own storyline. Players must complete missions in order to progress through the game. Aside from the main missions, players also get the chance to complete shorter missions that also give them rewards. Players can go to different locations in the galaxy by passing through wormholes or hyperjumping.

Other features of the Escape Velocity Nova game are the following:

• Different goals to accomplish and many ways to play the game
• A variety of game characters to meet, such as the Vell-os, pirates, and marauders
• Support for adding plugins to enhance gameplay