Eusing Cleaner 3.5

Eusing Software (Freeware)

Eusing Cleaner is a simple tool used for cleaning and optimizing the computer system. It does this by scanning the computer for obsolete files, junk files, invalid registry entries, and errors. The program is also able to delete saved information from different web browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The program is divided into different sections that can be accessed from the buttons on the left side of the window. These are Cleaner, Registry, Defrag, and Tools.

The Cleaner is the tool used for getting rid of unwanted items from the web browser windows, log files, and other junk files that are found in the computer. The Registry tool scans the system for errors that are found in the registry. After the scan, users can go over the files and delete them from the computer. The Defrag tool defragments the fragmented files in the computer in order for the system to run faster.

Eusing Cleaner has a scheduling feature. This enables users to set a schedule for shutting down browsers or even the computer. The program also has a secure delete feature that ensures all the files that are deleted from the computer will never be recovered even when using a special recovery program.