Young Digital Poland (Proprietary)

Released by a company called Young Digital Poland, EuroPlus+ is a proprietary program used as a supplementary teaching tool for ESL classes. ESL stands for English as a Second Language. This is a class that is often taught in international schools that have a high number of students hailing from foreign countries. The EuroPlus+ program is considered to be a multi-level English program. There are basic courses in the subject, as well as progressively difficult courses available for students who are more advanced in their knowledge and command of the language.

With the EuroPlus+ program, instructors have the ability to teach their students a particular language with the use of interactive media tools. These tools enhance the learning experience. There are different types of multimedia tools that come with this particular piece of software, which allows the playback and manipulation of sound, video, graphics, and text for custom learning modules.

Normally used as a tool for teaching, this program can also be used for self-study. Users can select which lessons to go through at their own time and pace. Aside from being a comprehensive multimedia tool for teaching the English language, this program can also be used to facilitate learning in different fields and industries.