Europa Universalis III

Paradox Interactive (Proprietary)

Europa Universalis III is a historical strategy game developed and published by Paradox Interactive. In this game, the player takes on the role of a ruler who manages the economic, military, and diplomatic aspects of a nation. The player’s main goal is to lead his/her country to global greatness by employing various strategies and forming relationships with other nations. The game commences with the player choosing a specific year from 1453 to 1789 to start the campaign. Once the date is set, the player proceeds to choose a form of government that his/her nation will take. The selection includes anything from monarchies, theocracies, republics, and even tribal governments. The orientation and beliefs of a nation’s society are determined by controlling trade aspects and appointing random personalities in government like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Sir Isaac Newton.

Players have more than 300 countries to choose from and the 3D world map contains approximately 1,700 provincial territories and marine zones. Furthermore, other territories that do not belong to any country can be taken over for colonization. Penalties can also be imposed on a nation if it does something to create imbalance to the global dynamic like overprinting currency. An added feature of the game is the cooperative multiplayer mode in which multiple players are allowed to control a single country together.