Alex May and Rudolf Kremers (Shareware)

Eufloria is a real-time environmental strategy game containing abstract visuals. The game’s setting is a futuristic environment in space. The player is represented by the game’s main character who is an Euflorian commander. Euflorians are interstellar life forms who get their resources from and live in asteroids. A player must use “seedlings” which are the basic units of Dyson trees to conquer and inhabit asteroids. Enemy asteroids must also be attacked through various seedlings that are capable of destroying them through different means.

The Euflorian empire’s colour may be customized by the user. As Dyson trees grow and become stronger, they reproduce seedlings with distinct attributes such as an ability to fight against other seedlings, or grow into other Dyson trees. Defensive trees, which may also be created through Dyson trees, release explosive fruit to attack invading enemies. Flower add-ons allow Dyson trees to increase fire range and rate. Game challenges include battling with other empires, and searching for cause of a certain grey menace in order to quicken the Mythical Growers’ return. Lastly, there are three game statistics that include Strength for seedling damage enhancement, Speed for seedling movement enhancement, and Energy for quick seedling conversion of enemy asteroids.