eType Application

DSNR Media Innovations (Freeware)

eType is an application that auto-completes words as they are being typed out. It provides suggestions for the user when typing on different applications, websites, and browsers. The program eliminates the need to check a dictionary or thesaurus for spelling and it also lessens typographical errors when writing reports, and composing emails. Upon installation, the application asks the user what type of dictionary to install. Users can also add more dictionaries after the installation process. The application is integrated with almost all programs including Microsoft Word, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and many more.

After installation, eType automatically provides words as the user types. The words appear in a small window where users can see a list of suggested words based on the first few letters that are typed. The words are displayed together with their synonyms so users can choose the best word to use. Pressing the ‘Enter’ button chooses the word and pressing the ‘Esc’ button hides the suggestions. There is also an option for searching a word from the dictionary. This can be done by clicking on the small icon on the lower left part of the window.

Users can set the options for using the program too. Some of the settings include managing the dictionaries, and setting which programs to use the application.