EssentialPIM 5.51

Astonsoft Ltd (Shareware)

EssentialPIM is a personal organizer program developed by Astonsoft Ltd. The program is a personal information manager, which allows users to manage tasks, appointments, contacts, emails, password entries, and other personal information across different cloud applications and devices. Its primary purpose is to provide users a way to manage their time and schedule.

EssentialPIM offers the following features:

• Cloud Integration and Synchronization – The program can be integrated and synchronized with various cloud services such as Google Calendar, iCloud, Google Drive, Google Contacts, CalDav, Toodledo, and more. Data can also be synchronized with handheld devices for on the go tasks.
• Cross-Linking – EssentialPIM items can be linked with other items. This allows users to link appointments and schedules with other people they have meetings with. In this way, both parties who are meeting are made aware of the schedule.
• Security Features – Data stored in EssentialPIM are encrypted using a AES 256-bit key encryption system while the synchronized data are protected using a SSL encryption system.
• Multi-user Access to Database – The program can also be used for collaboration purposes via the EssentialPIM Pro Network. This feature allows users to give others access to the user’s notes, to-do-lists, calendar, contacts, and other entries.

Aside from these, the program also offers global searching features, sticky notes, open-source databases, storing external attachments, data management tools, and more.