ESET Authentication Sever

ESET (Proprietary)

ESET Authentication Server is a network security utility that requires users to log in using secure keys before being able to access a network. It adds a second layer of protection to networks by restricting remote file sharing and other network functions until the user has inputted credentials to a configurable server. It works hand-in-hand with ESET Smart Security to provide a higher level of security to networks. This is meant to give networks more stringent and flexible security protocols.

Users of the program can opt to use the utility instead of the default. When using the program, users can opt to have strict protocols on file sharing and other networking tasks or they can choose to immediately allow sharing on certain networks. When users choose the latter option, authenticated zones will then be generated automatically by the program. These zones will be configured to work with indicated adapter parameters such as DNS settings and DHCP settings. These zones can then be configured to work with specific firewall settings for added control. Though this utility can be used in non-commercial applications, the program is aimed at businesses that employ several computers on a network for their daily transactions. ESET Authentication Server is meant to be used with computers that are dedicated to the task of monitoring network traffic.