Escape from Lost Island 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Escape from Lost Island is a hidden object mystery game that was first released in 2010. In the game, players are taken into an island adventure. Users assume a character who is on a cruise ship that sinks. The player is taken to an unmapped island where puzzles must be solved and items must be found in order to survive. There are different locations in the game where players must search for items. There are areas on the screen where users can look at an item up close in order to find a specific item. Users can click on the “Task” button on the lower right side of the game window to guide them on specific things that need to be done. Aside from the hidden object aspect of the game, Escape from Lost Islands also offers different types of puzzles and mini-games, which makes the game more interesting.

Other features of the Escape from Lost Island game are the following:

• Plenty of characters to encounter in the game (native islanders and pirates)
• A variety of locations to visit and explore
• Engaging storyline where users can go on an adventure
• Different types of mini games and puzzles to solve
• Realistic scenes and locations