eScan for Windows 11

MicroWorld Technologies Inc. (Shareware)

eScan for Windows is an application that allows users to protect their computer from any malicious attacks from spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits, Botnets, hackers, spam, and other data security threats. It utilizes Whitelisting Technology, which allows the users to scan massive data without sacrificing computer speed. It has Self-Protection technology that protects it from being disabled and to prevent malicious programs from deleting its files. It has the capability not only to scan emails, emails attachments and files but can also check for prohibited information and obscene language.

eScan uses a sleek and user-friendly interface. It automatically blocks alerts that can distract the user when they are playing computer games. When the user shifts to Laptop Mode, the software will automatically recognize it and will limit the use of computer resources without dropping self-protection. As most of the malwares are transmitted through Drive-by downloads, the software eliminates the threat by blocking sites altogether. In case malware are transmitted through the network, the software is equipped with a Network Traffic Monitor, which will allow them to notice if there are applications that seems to increase network traffic. If the user is informed in advance that a virus is being transmitted in the network, network-executable files can be disabled so that the computer remains clean.