ESBCalc 7.3.1

ESB Consutlancy (Freeware)

ESBCalc is an educational program developed by ESB Consultancy released on April 2012. This program is a scientific calculator with unit conversion functions. The program can perform several numerical functions including hyperbolic, trigonometric, and logarithmic functions. It also offers a Paper Trail option. This function enables users to track their computations on a virtual paper tape. This is particularly helpful when users have a long list of data to compute. This option functions similarly with accounting calculators.

The ESBCalc graphical user interface supports customization options. Users can customize not just the background for the Options menu dialog box, but also the buttons for the calculator itself. The sequence of buttons on the calculator is configured in a deliberate manner. The sequence of buttons is very similar to how it looks like on a regular scientific calculator. It is arranged to provide ease of access in computing and performing the different mathematical functions, especially the most complex ones like logarithmic and hyperbolic functions. Nonetheless, the ESBCalc also functions like a regular calculator capable of performing arithmetic and other basic mathematical functions.

ESBCalc also features support for Brackets, Infix notations, Expression editing, User-Defined Constants, and unit conversion support for Hexadecimal to Decimal, and vice versa. The program also features a Result History List, Memory, and Prefix Function support.