ERwin Datatype Standards Application

Computer Associates International, Inc. (Proprietary)

ERwin Datatype Standards Application is an enterprise data standard editor and feature developed by Computer Associates International, Inc. This program is one of the distinguishing features included in ERwin Data Modeler, a program designed for data modeling for transactional systems’ databases.

ERwin Datatype Standards Application is a mapping facility designed for logical-to-RDBMS (relational database management system) data types for data modeling and designing. A data type is defined as a predefined characteristics set for certain attributes or columns incorporated in data management or model. The program allows users to easily create or import data type standards and apply it to the data system’s model. Aside from creating and importing, the program also aids in converting logical data types to physical layer and vice-versa, which is crucial for enterprises requiring efficient and quality data management within the organization.

Using the program simplifies the process of applying data type standards application within the system. It responds efficiently and aids in assigning data to their respective columns once specific script or database attributes are extracted. Automation and flexibility ensures enterprises faster data modeling that will work according to their requirements.

ERwin Datatype Standards Application is also used for reusing pre-set standards applied before. They can be imported easily and start working for new models the company sets. The program is lightweight and works effectively for organizations after convenience in modeling their databases.