ErNmStd Application

Computer Associates International, Inc. (Proprietary)

ErNmStd Application is an enterprise data standard editor and feature developed by Computer Associates International, Inc. Also called Erwin Naming Standards Editor, this application is among the distinguishing features included in ERwin Data Modeler, a program tailored for data modeling in setting databases and data management systems.

ErNmStd Application works like a dictionary assigning abbreviations or names on specific data syntaxes designed by enterprise users. Naming standards are used in expanding abbreviated terms or vice-versa for database modeling. This feature makes the process of assigning names easier to customize and fit respective database modelers’ preferences.

This application is lightweight and operates efficiently together with the main Erwin Data modeler program. It is easily accessible by working around the modeler’s interface through its respective tab. Customizations can be applied by editing attributes such as names or physical tab found on the software. Once a naming standard has been set, users can save it for later use with the modeler’s aid. Data developers can choose to save the standard as a new file or save it together with the current project.

The editor also supports reusing naming standards pre-set by users in the past. They can be loaded easily and edited to match their vision for the program. ErNmStd Application offers an easy to use interface, which makes the process of creating and editing database easier than expected.