ER Viewer

Earth Resource Mapping (Shareware)

ER Viewer is a utility created by Earth Resource Mapping. This is a straightforward application that works as an image viewer. The tool is intended to view ECW files and large images. ER Viewer has the capability to soften the pixilated look that happens to many photos. This utility from Earth Resource Mapping supports all known formats. It is also made to be compatible with less known formats, which are only used within certain scientific communities.

ER Viewer opens ECW files (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) and displays them optimally. The ECW file format was originally intended to optimize satellite images as well as large aerial images. This is done by 100% retention of visual quality and image contrast.

ER Viewer by Earth Resource Mapping renders satellite images clarity never seen before. The app deals effectively with a common problem seen in satellite images—poor dynamic range. Equipped with automatic contrast enhancement tools, ER Viewer clips a fraction of the date of the image at the lower ends. The program also makes the right corrections with regard to contrast.

This is a tool with complicated usage but still easy enough to implement. The application clearly presents to the user the set of tools that may be used to zoom in, zoom out, pan the image, and measure the distance from one point to another.