EPSON Status Monitor 3


EPSON Status Monitor 3 is a monitoring utility program developed by Seiko EPSON Corporation. It monitors the EPSON product installed in a computer and provides information about the product’s current status. When using the EPSON Status Monitor 3, it displays a dialog box containing all the basic information you can get from the program.

It has a text box that shows if the printer is ready or not. There are also two tabs found in the main dialog box – Consumables and Job Information. The Consumables tab shows the information about the consumables and paper trays while the Job Information Is used for network connections only. The program can also display paper size, paper type and estimate amount of paper remaining under the Paper box. The Toner box, also found in the dialog box, displays the remaining toner. If the toner is low, the Toner icon flashes to alert the owner.

The program also displays the remaining functional life of the printer’s photoconductor unit. There’s also an Order Online button that redirects the user to another dialog box where users can purchase consumables online. The program will also display a Status Alert Window. This window shows the type of error occurred. It also provides possible solutions to fix the error. The dialog box will automatically close once the error has been fixed.