EPSON Smart Panel

NewSoft Technology Corporation. (Bundled)

EPSON Smart Panel is a scanner utility developed by NewSoft Technology as companion software for Epson Scanners. It allows users to choose various options for their scanned files. With EPSON Smart Panel, users can choose to upload their scanned files online or send it to email.

EPSON Smart Panel user interface features a single window display with tasks enumerated on the left panel. The right panel shows the EPSON Smart Panel Help guide. EPSON Smart Panel Scan to PIM file option refers to Print Image Matching (PIM), which records color information on scanned images providing for enhanced color rendering during printing. Scan to PDA option scans files in a file size optimized for PDA devices and other mobile devices. Scan to Web option renders files into a smaller size than normal for internet uploading. Scan to File option lets users to scan files and documents into a document file like PDF instead of an image file like JPEG. Scan to OCR option refers to Optical Character Recognition support. Scan to email option opens up the email client after scan so that users can just email the files directly after. Scan to application option launches the Epson image editing application or other image-editing program after scan. EPSON Smart Panel Photo Print option launches the Printing application for direct printing. At the bottom of the user interface, users can choose among the scanners attached to the system to use for the chosen task.