EPSON Scan is an application used for scanning different images using EPSON devices. It is considered as the standard platform interface between supported software (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc…) and EPSON scanners. There are three ways to access the application. It can be accessed from any TWAIN standard-supported applications, EPSON Smart Panel software and as a standalone application. It offers four modes of scanning – Full Auto mode, Home mode, Office mode and Professional mode.

The Full Auto mode automatically identifies the type of document to be scanned. It will also automatically set the proper settings on your scanner including exposure, skew and direction of the document. The Home Mode provides basic image configurations for documents to be scanned. The available options include document type, image type, destination, image adjustment and brightness. The Office mode is mostly used for scanning multiple documents using the scanner’s Automatic Document Feeder feature. This feature can be used for loading documents of varying sizes and double-sided documents. However, this mode does not allow scanning of films. Scanning of films is only available in the Home or Professional modes. The last mode available in the program, Professional mode, is used when a more advanced scanning setting is required. It provides several options to provide higher control over the scanning task.