Epson Print CD


Epson Print CD is a graphic tool developed by Epson that is used to create art design for DVD and CD covers.  Epson is a Japanese based company which is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of digital printer and printer accessories. The program comes along with Epson printers which serve as a complimentary support software for doing several printing activities. Different operating systems are supported by this product such as Mac OS and Windows OS.  The program also supports 7 types of language interface.

Epson Print CD is a design tool that can be used to label and create a jacket for a CD and a DVD. After creating a cover design, users can print the background template directly in the print option found in the application menu. The program offers a wide selection of ready-to-use art templates that can be used in designing. Users have the option to create customized designs by adding personalized styles and strokes.  

The software can be downloaded in the main website of Epson. The current available version for download for this application is Epson Print CD 2.0. Users do not need to download the trial version or sign up in the membership program to use the application.